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Announcement: Have A German Shepherd? You Need A German Shepherd Handbook

German Shepherd Training

There are thousands of animal species in the world today. These animals are either wild or domestic and they are part of what comprises nature. There are those of us who love animals and they keep them as pets.

It does not matter whether its a wild or domestic animal. All you have to do is tame them and teach them to adopt and live with humans because for those of us who love pets they would not do without them. Some do it to provide a shelter and food to that abandoned animal and some of us do it for the love of having a pet. No matter what the reason is, you need to know a few things about the animal you are planning to have in your house and life for a pet. There are some animals that are mostly kept as pets than others, some people will go for dogs, others cats, fish, monkeys, parrots and so many others.

When it comes for those who go for dogs, one of the most common breed of dog they go for is the German shepherd.

The German shepherd dog is one of the best to have for a pet. It is a much socialized dog and very easy to live with around humans. When you have it, the best thing to do would be to take advantage of its special features and train it to be the best.

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Announcement: The Ultimate German Shepherd Handbook

german shepherd in snow

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Hi There Dog Lovers, Free Audio 1: Toilet Training

puppy toilet training audio

Want to discover the simplest way to stop a puppy toileting inside, now, for FREE?

Lets face it, we’ve all got better things to do than clean up our dog’s mess, and the longer it goes on, the harder the habit is to break. Sometimes what you need is a fresh approach and some fantastic tips to get your training back on track as fast as possible.

Well, if you really want to break the habit… maybe it’s time you listened to one of the world’s greatest dog trainers explaining how to set up a successful toilet training program. Doggy Dan has recorded an audio session for you to gain control over your potty training, and I can share it with you now.

This FREE audio is first class because not only does it go through the basics, but it’s also jammed packed with excellent tips and advice from start to finish.

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Dry vs. Wet Foods: Which is better for your Cat

What cat eats the most? MEAT!!! Notwithstanding how cute our cats are, it is vital to recall that they are wet cat foodmeat eaters and like to consume animal meat; Carnivores. However, you should feed wet meat (canned food) instead of dry homemade food. Moisture is important in cat food in light of the fact that cats don’t by and large drink to the extent as compared to a dog. Cats are truly demanding about water content as well as consumption and we don’t need them to be dried out or dehydrated in any case. That is why canned food is really important for them, it has 78% liquid or moisture content as compared to the dry food which has only 10%.

Cat fatness: Dry food contains more calories as compared to wet food. In fact, Dry food has a lot more calorie which is even worse for cat’s health. I personally know these things because I have a cat and I always feed her wet food. Cats are meat eaters, so they can’t afford to be fat, and Fatness causes a lot of health issues. The reason of a cat’s fatness is dry food and you need to switch to wet food. Buy canned food! There are many discounts and coupons available online; find a website with cat food coupons.

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You want your German Shepherd To Be Happy, Content, and Obedient?

Here are a few tips to keep your big guy happy, and well behaved.  Here is a short list, but an important list!

Black and Tan German Shepherd dog head in portrait Happy German Shepherd

1 Keep your dog well fed with good quality food.

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